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Jabra Enhance™ Plus Hearing Aids Review & Features

Jabra Enhance™ Plus wireless earbuds have been engineered for advanced medical-grade hearing enhancement for your conversations, music, and calls. (iPhone only, not Android compatible) As part of GN – the only company in the world with consumer, professional, and medical-grade sound all under one roof – we have a team of expert engineers crafting the world’s leading hearing aids. Now, we’re leveraging that wealth of knowledge to launch our first ever medical-grade hearing enhancement and earbud hybrid. At 40% smaller than our current smallest earbuds*, with four built-in microphones and powerful speakers, these buds are for mild to moderate hearing loss, and specifically engineered to enhance the way you hear everything – from in-person conversations to calls, music, and media. They’re a ground-breaking achievement in miniaturization, 150 years in the making. Now you can focus on what you want to listen to, without just turning up the volume.

Enhanced hearing when you need it

When you experience hearing difficulties in certain situations but are not yet ready for a traditional hearing aid Jabra Enhance Plus gives you that added boost.

Advanced medical-grade technology

These hearing-enhancing earbuds have 4 microphones and have been specifically engineered with advanced medical-grade technology to help you focus on what you want to listen to, especially in noisy situations.

Discreet & comfortable

Jabra Enhance Plus are 40% smaller than our current smallest earbuds. Get a personalized comfortable fit by selecting between two styles of smooth silicon EarGels (closed or vented), available in three sizes (S,M,L).

Clearer conversations, sharper sound

Thanks to the powerful speakers, the advanced medical-grade hearing technology in these discreet buds doesn’t just enhance the world around you, it also helps you stream to hear your music and calls better too (iPhone only, not Android compatible).

Advanced battery efficiency

We’ve used our advanced battery efficiency technology to make sure these little buds can keep up with you for up to 12 hours on a single charge, and up to a total of up to 35 hours with their compact charging case.

Choose your Listen Mode

Choose between 3 Listen Modes: Adaptive, Focus, and Surround. Adaptive mode self-adjusts depending on what’s happening around you. Focus mode uses directional beamforming microphones to focus on sounds close to you. Surround mode allows you to hear ambient sound.

Tough and durable

Made from strong, durable materials, Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds are built to last. They have an IP52 rating, which means they’re dust- and water-resistant, so come rain or shine, they work perfectly. And we also include a standard 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Easy Setup & World Class Support

Simply connect your buds to the free Jabra Enhance app (iOS 15.3 or later). Follow on-screen instructions to pair, personalize & program them to your needs or call our Jabra Experts for assistance with hearing aid setup/troubleshooting.

What’s Included

(2) Earbuds, charging case, charging cable, (3) pairs closed EarGels, (3) pairs vented EarGels, user manual

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