Phonak Audeo L70 Life

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Phonak Audeo 70 Life

The Phonak Audeo 70 Life ranks second best out of four technology levels within the Audeo Life family. The Audeo 70 Life technology level offers Advanced performance by FitHearing standards.

Advanced technology will provide several filters and programs, making these devices ideal for those with moderately active lifestyles. The additional processing channels in the Audeo 70 Life, as compared to the Audeo 50 Life level, will deliver quality sound in noisier environments such as loud restaurants and sporting events. If you enjoy social outings such as these, the Phonak Audeo 70 Lifes may be the hearing aids for you.

Audeo 70 Lifes feature traditional Receiver-in-canal (RIC) form factor, whereby thes sit comfortably and discreetly behind your ear.

Audeo 70 Lifes are rechargeable, so simply place them on the charger each night, and they will be ready to go with you all day.

The Audeo 70 Life model, as opposed to the standard Audeo 70 model is waterproof and sweatproof, so you won’t have to worry around water based activites, such as bathing, going to the pool or exercising.

For additional questions and information about the Phonak Audeo 70 Lifes, you may find more specific details on Phonak’s website.

Call 877-830-2392 today to speak with a customer care specialist, and our team will address all of your needs regarding the Phonak Audeo 70 Life or your general hearing concerns.

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