Affordable Hearing Aids

At FitHearing, we are working hard for you, the customer, to bring affordable hearing aids, without sacrificing the necessary follow-up care and availability that are crucial to getting the best, [...]

Test Box Measurements

Like other high-tech devices, in the past decade and particularly in the last few years, hearing aids have undergone a major technological revolution. Today’s most advanced hearing aids are [...]

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that facilitates data transmission between two or more electronic devices. Bluetooth technology transmits data via high-frequency radio waves, [...]

All About Earwax

The human body never ceases to amaze with the breadth of substances it produces. Sweat, saliva, mucus, pus, et cetera. They all serve their purpose while simultaneously being a little gross. [...]

The Cost of Hearing Loss

When we think about the costs of hearing loss, we may think about visits to the doctor, hearing aid prices, health insurance, and others. What we may not immediately think about are the social [...]