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Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Prices

Our Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids start at $799 per ear and range up to $1599 per ear. Price includes complete, lifetime telehealth care with a Doctor of Audiology. You will pay less than half the price when purchasing hearing aids through FitHearing, as compared to the average local hearing care provider. Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids typically range from $2000 to $3500 per device, but again, our prices are substantially lower. Our Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aid prices vary based on the technology within the hearing aids and the length of the warranty period. Give us a call at 877-830-2392, and we will happily provide any price point for our extensive line of Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids.

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX Technology Levels

The Signia Pure Charge&GO IX hearing aid’s most notable features include its standardization of bluetooth connectivity for streaming of calls and/or television, as well as it’s Own Voice Processing (OVP) system designed to enhance the natural sound of the user’s voice while simultaneously optimizing the sounds of the environment.  What is even more impressive about these hearing aids, is how these features are housed in a small and discreet design.

The bluetooth connectivity of this hearing aid is designed to redirect all audio output through your hearing aids, so you can experience phone calls, your favorite shows, music, route navigation while driving, and so much more with ease and comfort.  Simply download the myControl app to adjust the settings and volume of your Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids.

These hearing aids promote the ability to explore life, as in addition to the OVP voice processing and streaming capability, these hearing aids automatically trigger movements of the internal microphones based on the user’s motion data stored in the myControl app.  The user can manually set directions to the hearing aid microphones, as well, directing the components to receive sound from a relative area.  For example, one may wish to direct the microphones toward a friends voice while walking along side him during an afternoon stroll.

The Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids are sure to deliver optimal personal speech and ambient sound recognition no matter the listening environment, through a small and stylish package. We carry the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids in technology levels 1,2,3, 5, and 7, with each tier (specified by number) offering varying levels of programming, noise reduction, and sound filtration.  Please follow the links below for a more detailed review, real user ratings, and hearing aid features for each level of the Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aid. Call us today for prices and inquiries about this hearing aid and to schedule a free consultation with a Doctor of Audiology.

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