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Our Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids start at $2398 per pair and range up to $3598 per pair. Price includes complete lifetime telehealth care with a Doctor of Audiology, so you can request real time remote adjustments and counseling anytime, through our team of Audiologists and the manufacturer developed smart phone app for iOS and Android. You will pay less than half the price when purchasing hearing aids through FitHearing, as compared to the average local hearing care provider. Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids typically range from $4000 to $7500 per pair, but again, our prices are substantially lower. Our Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid prices vary based on the technology within the hearing aids and the length of the warranty period. Give us a call at 877-238-0640, and we will happily provide any price point for our extensive line of Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids.

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FitHearing CustomerFitHearing Customer

I'm still grappling with some problems. Fit Hearing is sending me new hearing aids. I expect that it will all work out.

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3 months ago
starkey genesis ai 16
Starkey Genesis AI 24 Hearing Aids
Edward Weinbergus
FitHearing CustomerFitHearing Customer

Function well for hearing but blue tooth does not work with my phone.

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5 months ago
starkey genesis ai 16
Starkey Genesis AI 24 Hearing Aids
Bruce Jacksonus
FitHearing CustomerFitHearing Customer

Love the new ones, I had starkeys before as well, they sound perfect to me. App is super easy, couldn't be happier!

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7 months ago
starkey genesis ai 16
Starkey Genesis AI 24 Hearing Aids

Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids

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The Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid features smartphone compatibility, meaning that these hearing aids will sync with your phone via bluetooth technology so you’ll no longer struggle to hear phone calls, and you can stream your favorite music, podcast, etc. directly through your hearing devices.  Where bluetooth functionality used to come as an upgrade from the former Muse IQ to Halo IQ technology, the Starkey Genesis combines it’s predecessor hearing aids, whereby this made for smartphone feature comes standard.

The Starkey Genesis hearing aids utilize the Thrive app that enables you to control and track your hearing aid functions from your phone.  The app can in its simplest form control the volume of your hearing aids and switch programs; however, it contains more advanced features, as well, such as geotagging whereby the device will store locations into memory and automatically switch programs when you visit these locales in the future.  This is especially advantageous when you are at home and your hearing aid automatically switches to your Home programming for optimal listening experience in your home’s environment.  Additional functions include a hearing aid finder, adaptive car mode, accessory control, and more!

The Starkey Genesis hearing aids are built on the Thrive platform, featuring “Hearing Reality” technology.  According to Starkey this development in sound quality provides 50% better user satisfaction in noisy listening environments.  We carry Genesis 12, 16, 20 and 24 hearing aids, with each technology level (specified by number) offering varying levels of programming, noise reduction, and sound filtration.  Please follow the links below for a more detailed review, real user ratings, and hearing aid features for each level of the Starkey Genesis hearing aid.

Compare Starkey Genesis AI Technology Levels

In order to choose whether you need the Starkey Genesis AI 24 vs 20 level or even the lesser technology levels within the Starkey Genesis AI family, most importantly, you should assess your lifestyle.  More active users will receive more benefit from the Starkey Genesis AI 24, and those that lead quieter lives can benefit from lower technology with less bands and channels. The Starkey Genesis AI 24 vs 20 vs 16 vs 12, as you progress down in technology levels, will include less frequency bands for your hearing aids to be programmed to your exact needs.  Also, you wont have access to all of the features and customizations in a Starkey Genesis AI 12 or 16 as is available in the higher technology levels, such as the 20 and 24 levels.

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