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FitHearing Logo You may be confused by the multitude of hearing aid prices you have seen, and you may even be slightly frustrated with the lack of price consistency across retailers. Leading brand hearing aid prices typically range from $2,000 per pair to upwards of $8,000 per pair.

Some of this price gap can be explained by the variations in technology levels and features across models. But aside from technology, the retailer you choose will have the largest impact on the price you pay. Historically, going to a local Audiologist was the only viable option for quality care and leading brand hearing aids, but this option is often quite expensive. Thankfully, significantly lower price points on leading brand hearing aids are now available through quality online retailers, such as ourselves.

Due to the tireless efforts of our team paired with technological advancements made by the leading hearing aid manufacturers, we offer exceptional hearing aid services on all leading brands for half the price of typical retailers. Our hearing aids range from $1398 per pair to $3598 per pair. Every hearing aid purchase from FitHearing includes unlimited video appointments with a Doctor of Audiology and real-time remote hearing aid adjustments via the free manufacturer developed apps for Apple iOS and Android phones.

We sell only the most reputable brands such as ReSound, Starkey, Widex, Signia & Phonak. As a quality online retailer, we send you custom programmed hearing aids based on your unique audiogram and provide remote hearing aid adjustments for the lifetime of your ownership. We have Audiologists readily available to meet with you via video software, just as a quality local practice will schedule you in a timely manner.  Most importantly, the hearing aids are only as good as the Audiologist who is servicing them, so don’t just take our word for it – check out our customer reviews and call our customer care team at 877-830-2392 to ensure you are in good hands.

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